Are My Wheels Out of Alignment?

You’re driving along and you find yourself getting frustrated. Your car keeps pulling to the left even though the road is even. This is a sign your vehicle is out of alignment, but it could also be problems with the wheels on that side or other suspension parts. Are your wheels out of alignment? Integrity Auto Repair explains that they could be if you notice any of the following signs.


As mentioned above, pulling to one side is a sign that your wheels are not aligned. If you are driving on an uneven road that is tilted to one side your car will pull to that side naturally. If you’re driving on a straight surface, such as in a freshly paved, flat parking lot, and the vehicle pulls, you’ve got something going on. Automobiles are engineered and manufactured to go straight unless you steer them to the right or left. As such, you shouldn’t have to fight to keep your vehicle headed in a straight direction.

Steering Wheel Position

Because your vehicle is designed to drive straight unless you alter the direction, your steering wheel should be straight, too. Look at the manufacturer’s logo in the center of the steering wheel on your horn. Is it upright? When you are moving forward in a straight direction, or when you have your vehicle parked with the wheels straight, the logo should be upright. If the logo on the steering wheel is leaning in either direction because the steering wheel isn’t straight, your wheels alignment is off.


Noise is another sign your vehicle’s alignment is off, but sound is also an indicator that you have something else going on with your suspension, tires, or brakes. Nonetheless, you should not hear clunking or squealing sounds from your steering wheel or tires while you drive or when you turn. You also shouldn’t hear clunking, squealing, or grinding when you apply the brakes. Sounds mean something is wrong, so pay attention to the noise and head to an auto service shop to have the source investigated.

Tire Wear

Finally, you know uneven tire wear is a sign you need to rotate your tires but it’s also a sign of poor alignment. Your suspension is a complex system that keeps your tires on the road evenly. If something is off, including the alignment, the tires do not meet the road evenly and the tread wear shows that. You can check your tire tread wear yourself. Visually inspect each tire to see if you notice wear spots instead of even wear along the tire. If you do notice uneven wear, have your suspension inspected.

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