Here’s What the NHTSA Says About Thanksgiving Driving Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) studies our freeways so they can develop ways to keep us safer on the roads. Thanksgiving weekend, as you know, is one of the most traveled weekends of the year. Thanksgiving Eve and the following Sunday are particularly hairy with tens of millions of cars on the roads. What advice does the NHTSA give to keep you safe on your Thanksgiving commute? Integrity Auto Repair lists their tips below.

1. Drive at Safe Speeds

Driving too fast for the conditions of the road not only increases your risk of an automobile accident but also increases the risk of a fatal accident. Stick to the speed limits in good weather conditions and slow down below the speed limits if the weather or other driving conditions warrant it. Err on the side caution with your driving speed.

2. Don’t Get Distracted

You know not to text and drive but other things can distract you, as well, such as looking at your GPS system or the radio station. Taking your eyes off the road for any reason is distracted driving. If your eyes are off the road for 5 seconds and you’re driving 55 mph, you’ve just, in essence, driven a football field with your eyes closed.

3. Buckle Up – Properly

This statistic may or may not shock you but in 2017, the NHTSA found that 14,955 people were saved in what would’ve otherwise been fatal automobile accidents because they wore their seatbelts. Make sure everyone has their seatbelts secured tightly and are wearing them properly. No tucking the shoulder belt under your arm.

4. Use the Correct Child Seats

Child seats were first introduced in 1975 and have saved as many as 11,606 lives. With this in mind, why do some children die in automobile accidents even though they were in a child seat? Because they weren’t in the right one. Make your kids are in the seats for their ages, heights, and weights and never put a child seat in the front.

5. Don’t Drive Intoxicated

Don’t thank us for being Captain Obvious because even one drink can impair your driving. You might think you’re okay to drive after the Thanksgiving meal because you didn’t drink that much, but 10,874 people lost their lives in 2017 due to drunk driving. Just don’t do it. Spend the night and drive home the next day.

Integrity Auto Repair in Eugene, OR, also suggests you get a vehicle inspection prior to your trip. Things such as low tire tread and dirty motor oil can also make your Thanksgiving drive unsafe.

Photo by Demarco-media from Getty Images via Canva Pro