Make Sure That Used Car Is Worth the Price

More and more drivers are opting for used cars to save money at the dealerships. The cars are certified and consumers feel confident they are getting their money’s worth. Are they? We here at Integrity Auto Repair want to offer some tips to make sure you are getting your money’s worth when you purchase a used car, even from a dealer. If you are used car shopping, there are some things you can do to ensure you don’t buy a certified lemon because, yes, that does happen more often than you might think it does.

Research the Vehicle in Question

Even if you have the vehicle picked out and it’s perfect, even the price, research the automobile before you sign on the dotted line. There are many resources readily available that will give you greater insight into the automobile you wish to purchase. Look for the reports, reviews, and customer feedback on reliable automotive review websites and check the vehicle’s safety rating on the NHTSA’s website.

Read the Vehicle History Report

Continuing researching the vehicle in question by obtaining and reading thoroughly the automobile history report. Understand that the report will not be 100-percent conclusive, it won’t show everything the previous driver(s) did to the car, truck, CUV, or SUV, but it will reveal any public records, such as police reports of accidents or theft, of which you may not be otherwise made aware.

Take an Extended Test Drive

Whether you are buying the used car from a dealership or a private individual, don’t just swing it around the block and call the test drive good enough. Vehicles often don’t reveal trouble until they reach higher speeds or are faced with challenges such as steep, winding roads. Take the used vehicle on an extended test drive that includes highway and challenging driving to see how the automobile handles.

Get an Inspection

Finally, inspect the vehicle thoroughly yourself but also schedule a professional inspection. Your inspection will reveal visible damage or issues; a professional inspection will reveal invisible damage or issues. This includes system and electrical checks to make sure you don’t end up with a check engine light warning two weeks after you drive the vehicle off the lot. Professional inspections can also detect unreported accident, fire, or flood damage and faulty maintenance and repairs.

If you are used car shopping and need a professional vehicle inspection, call Integrity Auto Repair in Eugene, OR, at 541-359-1676. We’d be happy to make certain the used car you have your eyes on will last you for years to come. Call us today.

Photo by Clean_Fotos from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro