Save Money On Your Car This Summer

Many of us want to get control of our finances in this new year. We all want to be be able to save money and spend less, but it can be easier said than done!

Unexpected car bills can effectively throw off your well-laid budget. So how do you keep away those unexpected car expenses?

All car owners must invest in preventative maintenance so that they aren’t taken aback by massive car repair bills. When you devote time to a few at-home checks and auto repair shop appointments, you will be able to protect one of your most significant investments- your car! Integrity Auto Repair in Eugene, OR, is an expert in the realm of preventative maintenance. We’ve put together some helpful tips that will lengthen the life of your car and save you money!

Check Your Air Filter

All of the air that goes into your engine to fuel combustion passes through a filter. This easy to access filter catches dust and debris so it doesn’t get sucked into the engine. Over time, your filter can get so packed with debris that it blocks your engine’s air intake. To prevent the expensive damaged that can be caused by this lack of necessary air, replace your filter regularly. You can tell that you need to replace it when you hold it up to a strong light source, and you are unable to see through it.

Set Up Routine Oil Changes

This may seem like it’s no secret, but often people don’t know just how vital oil changes are! When you don’t get oil changes, the inner components of your engine will begin to grind, creating damaging heat. A lack of oil changes will also cause engine seizure, which typically results in a costly engine replacement. Integrity Auto Repair can help you decide the correct interval to schedule your oil changes!

Schedule Brake Service

Your brakes are some of the most vital parts of your car. Can you imagine what it would be like to try to drive without them? Give your brakes the care they need by making sure you replace your brake pads when they become worn down. Without proper servicing, worn pads can result in expensive damage to your rotors, drums, and wheel cylinders. Integrity Auto Repair is here for you when you need to schedule a brake service for your vehicle.

You can avoid surprise car repair bills this year! Integrity Auto Repair is here to assist everyone in the Eugene, OR, area with all of their preventative maintenance needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment!