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How comfortable your car, truck, or CUV/SUV rides depends on the tires. Tires affect the handling, safety, and fuel-efficiency of your automobile. Integrity Auto Repair is a full-service auto shop, and that includes tire service and repair. Not only do we have the best selection of tires in Eugene, we can replace your tires and help you get the mileage you should out of the new set. Here’s what we mean.

Tires Eugene, OR

tires eugene OR

Tires come with a mileage guarantee, i.e. the number of miles you can drive on them before replacing them. If you purchase a set with a 30,000-mile guarantee, they should last for 30,000 miles. Failing to maintain the tires and keep the recommended air psi in them will reduce their lifespan significantly.

Tire Tread Wear

Tires have rows of tread with valleys between them to funnel water so they maintain their grip on wet roads. They also have “sipes,” which help the tires cut through icy roads. It’s important to measure tread depths throughout the life of the tires to make sure it isn’t too low; 2/32-of-an-inch is too low in Oregon.

Tire Repairs

Sometimes, a flat tire can be repaired rather than replaced. Bring your tire to us and we’ll see if we can fix it. If the damage is in the tread area only, is not deeper than 1/4-inch, is not an overlap of a previous tire repair, and can be patched using vulcanizing or rubber materials, we can possibly repair your tire.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotations help prevent premature tread wear and, in some cases, the need for repairs. Generally, tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles to 10,000 miles. During the tire rotation, we will check your tire tread for signs of uneven tread wear or other damage that points to tire trouble.

Wheel Balance

Your wheels should be balanced every time you get a new set of tires and when they’re rotated. Signs you need your wheels balanced to include vibrations that increase at high speeds, road noise that gets louder the faster you go, and uneven tire tread wear and tear. Balanced wheels extend tire life.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment should be done every two years or sooner if you knock the wheels out of alignment. You can knock them out of alignment if you hit a curb, bump, or pothole too fast. Signs you need a wheel alignment include your vehicle pulling to the side and a steering wheel logo that isn’t centered.

Integrity Auto Repair is a full-service tire shop in Eugene, OR. Bring your vehicle to us for all of your tire and wheel needs.


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