What Causes Rear-End Collisions? Here Are Five Common Things

Nobody wants to be in an accident, especially a rear-ender that’s your fault. If you know the common causes, you can avoid becoming the cause. It might seem odd, but there are five common things that often cause rear-end accidents. Integrity Auto Repair explains what they are so you can avoid them and, hopefully, avoid a rear-end collision whether you’re the collider or “collidee.”


Stop and go; stop and go; stop and go… ugh! Sitting in traffic is beyond aggravating but keeping your cool will help you avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you. There isn’t much space between automobiles during a traffic jam, so stay back, keep calm, and watch the cars ahead to determine stop times.


Whether it’s you or the drivers around you, distractions cause all kinds of accidents, including rear-end collisions. Keep your distractions to a minimum. Yes, listen to your music or an audio book but keep the volume low. Also, turn off the cell phone and pay attention, so you don’t reduce your own reaction time.


Speeding or driving recklessly also causes rear-end accidents. The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop. Although it isn’t much fun, drive like you learned how to drive to earn your driver’s license. Obey speed limits, don’t drive recklessly, and don’t follow closely. You won’t be able to stop in time if you do.

Tired Driving

The National Safety Council conducted a study, and the results might surprise you. Did you know that tired driving is as bad as driving under the influence? When you are tired, your motor skills are slowed just as they are when you’re drunk. You might not brake in time when you are exhausted and less aware.


Finally, should you break down on the highway, you might find yourself the victim of a rear-end collision. If someone breaks down in front of you, you might rear-end him or her. Mechanical failure is a common cause of automobile accidents, especially on roads with higher speed limits such as freeways.

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